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Advantages of selling event tickets online

With our current technology, most business transactions can be done online; this is ideal since people are often in a hurry and would like to get their work done as fast as possible. This is not only limited to business transactions – most products are services are being paid for online, and this includes your event ticket management.

Selling your event tickets online has a number of benefits as shown below:

  • Save time : using an online booking system means that you can minimize the admin time spent distributing and managing traditional tickets. Once you have registered and set up your event webpage you are ready to go!
  • Save money : Online ticketing services are often free for event organizers, and enable you to save on the printing costs of producing hard copy traditional tickets.
  • Support: Not only does it save you time and money but it also benefits your audience as they can now buy tickets to your event from the comfort of their own home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Embed Ticket Sales:
    • – Personalize and embed our widget into your web page and sell without redirecting customers

    • – Use our Facebook app to sell directly from your fan page

  • Position of Event : You can add full description, photos and links on your event page.
  • Print Tickets : Customers can download their tickets from anywhere anytime.
  • Create many different types of Promotions : Offer instant discounts, special rates and rewards to your customers.

Creating Events on has helped many event Organizers to increase their sales and market their brand, by making it easy for customers to buy tickets and manage their events. Online ticket management has a lot of benefits that can be enjoyed by both the customers and the organizers.